Dundee Cold Stores is proud to work with some of the UK’s best-loved retail and food brands including:

Case Study Denholm Seafoods Ltd

Denholm Seafoods Limited has been a client of Dundee Cold Stores Ltd for the past 12 months. Managing Director, Robert Duthie, outlines the benefits of using the cold storage facility in Dundee.

“We use Dundee Cold Stores Ltd as an overflow for our own cold store at Peterhead in the north-east of Scotland.

“90% of our pelagic fish (primarily mackerel and herring) is exported worldwide, including to Holland, Germany and France. So it makes sense to use a facility that lies en route to our European customers.

We also ship frozen fish in reefer vessels to Eastern European bloc countries and the Far East. Normally, this activity takes place from Peterhead. However, for the first time earlier this year, we organised a very successful shipment directly from the port of Dundee, shuttling the stock straight from Dundee Cold Stores Ltd to the harbour. It worked so well that we shall have no hesitation in repeating the exercise.

Another benefit of being able to work with the Dundee facility is that for the purposes of quality control, our staff can easily supervise shipments and sample stock. Obviously, this would be much harder to do if we had to travel to a cold storage facility in England.

When we first contacted Dundee Cold Stores about our requirements they responded quickly and professionally. I have to say we have no complaints at all about the service we receive from Dundee Cold Stores Ltd. It is first class.”