Dundee Cold Stores has three highly efficient processing lines dealing with cleaning, blanching, freezing and packaging fresh produce. The latest technologies capture the freshness, taste, texture, appearance and nutritional value of fresh fresh fruit and processed vegetable products.

Our highly trained staff are skilled in monitoring the washing, grading, preparation and sorting of the produce, ensuring quality standards throughout.


Our extensive cold storage solutions achieve the correct temperature quickly and efficiently to maintain product quality and manage perishable and consumable products.

We have the capacity to store up to 16,000 pallets at a temperature of -18 oC

Keeping the food chain fresh is our business – please get in touch to arrange a tour of our facilities.

Health, Safety and Environment

Maintaining outstanding Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance is of primary importance to Dundee Cold Stores. Our successful HSE performance has been made possible through the leadership and teamwork of all employees.

Dundee Cold Stores accepts its responsibility to protect the environment and is working to reduce emissions and waste by using energy and natural resources efficiently and intelligently.

Dundee Cold Stores Ltd is a BRC certified site.